Superfoods to the Rescue- A know your Superfoods series

I’m starting a new series entitled Superfoods to the rescue. Have you ever wondered exactly what fruits or vegetables can do for your body? Need that extra motivation to be healthy? I’m here to help with simple posts about the nutritional benefits of our favorite Superhuman foods.

Starting off with the Avocado which is actually a fruit, not a veggie mainly because of the humongous seed found inside. Avocados have been considered by some to be a superfood because it contains a lot of the basic nutrients we need daily. For one it is very high in potassium and will help to balance the ever important potassium-sodium ratio and helps control blood pressure levels. Secondly, the avocado contains all eighteen essential amino acids necessarily to form a complete protein with the added bonus that it’s the most easily absorbed protein because they contain fiber.

Avocados also provide the right kind of fats, like Olive Oil avocados boost HDL(good cholesterol) which helps protect against heart disease and diabetes. They have also been found to be helpful as anti-inflammatory agents as they contain Vitamin C and E, carotenoids(beta-carotene, alpha-carotene), selenium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

Avocado and Infertility:

Avocados have also been found to be useful in fertility diets. Avocados help both women and men as it helps regulate ovulation and the production of cervical mucus in women along with improving the viability of sperm for men. Studies conducted by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology in Istanbul found that those who had avocados were 3.4 times more likely to have a child after IVF than those who didn’t.

Avocado and Anti-Cancer Benefits

Avocados have also been found to have anti-cancer benefits. But the avocado is unique in that it has been found to increase oxidative stress and shift the cancer cells into a programmed cell death cycle known as apoptosis. In simple terms, Avocados push cancer cells to their death while supporting the health of the healthy cells.

Avocado Fun Facts

  • Colloquially known as Alligator Pear for its shape and leather-like appearance.
  • The word of avocado comes from the Aztec word “Ahucatl”
  • Avocados are the fruit of the tree Persea Americana a tall evergreen tree that can grow up to 65 in feet.