There are many ways to balance your hormones naturally but here are the top five ways. As we mentioned previously in how to know you have hormonal imbalance and how acupuncture regulates reproductive hormones, hormones play a major role in Fertility. Go ahead and read these blog posts as they will tell you the symptoms of hormonal imbalance why they are important to fertility. In this blog post, we will discuss how to balance these hormones by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

1. Delete Toxic Products from your Life 

Did you know that toxic chemicals can be found in many common household items? The list is numerous from parabens to sulfates. Parabens are an endocrine disrupter and are easily identifiable in the ingredient list as anything that ends in paraben i.e methylparaben. Many companies have removed Paraben from their ingredients so try and buy products that have paraben free on the label. Sulfates are a carcinogenic byproduct and should also be avoided as it also can disrupt hormones. Instead use natural oils such as coconut, essential and castor oils. Another way to live a less toxic life is eliminating plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Instead use stainless steel and glass bottles as it does not contain the toxic effects of BPAConsume more Healthy Fats

2.Get more Sleep and Reduce Stress:

Lack of sleep can be one of the worst habits that can cause hormonal imbalance. Like Doctor Zhou always says your hormones work on a clock at night so be sure to sleep before 10:30 pm to fully maximize this time. Cortisol which is the primary stress hormone is also regulated at night, so if you find yourself burning the midnight oil you aren’t allowing your body the rest it needs. Sleep also helps build energy and keep the stress hormones balanced. A good app to use to help regulate your sleep is the new bedtime function of your clock app(Iphone only). It helps you track your daily sleep cycles and creates an easy to follow routines with reminders to sleep and wake up(the music is sure to wake even the soundest sleeper in the morning!). This app will help you stick to a regular sleep cycle that will maximize hormonal function.

3.Eat Healthy Fats:

As mentioned previously, your body needs a variety of fatty acids to create hormones. Fatty acids are fundamental to hormone production and also reduces inflammation in the body. Stick to anti-inflammatory fats like avocados, coconut oil, and salmon, which is high in Omega-3.

4.Exercise Regularly:

A common new years resolution that gets broken a month into the year, exercising regularly should be a resolution you keep for the year(and beyond!). Exercise not only reduces inflammation it also lowers stress and helps you maintain a healthy weight.  It is important however to not overdue exercise as you should feel energetic not tired after a workout. Remember exercise needs differ between people so make sure and ask a fitness expert or trainer on an exercise routine that fits your unique needs.

5.Limit Caffeine Intake:

It’s sad to say but caffeine can be almost as bad as not getting sleep. Caffeine is a stimulate that raises cortisol levels that will interfere with the all important sleep cycle. For those with high anxiety and stress limiting caffeine is even more important. For those of you who must have coffee every day, try and limit yourself to one cup a day first before quitting coffee. Gradually reducing your caffeine intake can help with withdrawal symptoms. Investigate in other alternatives such as herbal teas and kombucha.